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We transform patient care with autonomous blood drawing technology
Autonomous Medical Robot - Vitestro
Autonomous Blood Drawing Technology | Medical Robot | Vitestro

Introducing the new standard in blood drawing

Vitestro will be the first to bring autonomous blood drawing technology to European hospitals. Blood drawing, performed billions of times per year worldwide, is key to clinical diagnosis. Given the mounting shortages of healthcare personnel, there is a clear need for a future-proof system to guarantee continuity of care.

The Product

Vitestro's device combines AI-based, ultrasound-guided 3D reconstruction with robotic needle insertion, ensuring accurate and secure blood collection . The procedure is performed fully automatically, from tourniquet to bandage application.

Redefining patient experience

The cornerstone of our approach is an empathic, intuitive and efficient patient experience. The device can be used under supervision by patients of 16 years and older, including those with comorbidities and/or difficult venous access.
Autonomous Blood Drawing Technology | Medical Robot | Vitestro

Clinical development with R&D partners

Vitestro performs its clinical development activities together with leading European hospitals and laboratories. Automated blood drawing studies have been conducted with healthy volunteers and patients of all ages since 2020.
  • 'More than 1000 patients participated in clinical trials, multiple hospitals participated '
    - Toon Overbeeke, CEO Vitestro
  • 'By introducing automated blood drawing, high quality, as well as capacity, is guaranteed in our laboratories.’
    - Anja Leyte, Director OLVG Laboratories
  • 'Vitestro's technology helps improving sample standardization and solving staffing shortages at our blood drawing department. Patients are also very positive.'
    - Anja Leyte, Director OVLG Laboratories
  • 'Automated blood drawing will play a key role in the future of laboratory medicine. 
    I can't wait to see the first devices working in our labs.'
    - François Verheijen, Clinical Chemist, Result Laboratorium, NL
  • 'It is great to see, during clinical testing, how the device can make a difference for patients.'
    - Luuk Giesen, Medical Officer Vitestro

Collaborating with leading hospitals

Vitestro is thrilled to receive extensive support from leading hospitals and clinical laboratories across Europe. Together we will realize a future where our autonomous device has become the standard, transforming patient care for millions of people.
Autonomous Blood Drawing Technology | Medical Robot | Vitestro

Patient First

The company goals is to provide a high level of patient safety and to reduce anxiety in the blood drawing experience. By standardizing the vast part of the procedure, the device reduces dependency on personnel and increases standardization and quality of the blood drawing procedure.
Autonomous Blood Drawing Technology - Vitestro
Autonomous Blood Drawing Technology | Medical Robot