Autonomous Blood Drawing Technology - Vitestro
We transform patient care with intuitive, autonomous technology
Autonomous Medical Robot - Vitestro
Access to care depends on scarcely available healthcare workers. We reinvent clinical procedures to reduce their workload, helping to build a scalable, future-proof system.
Autonomous Blood Drawing Technology | Medical Robot | Vitestro

Introducing the new standard in blood drawing

Vitestro will be the first to bring autonomous blood drawing technology to European hospitals. Blood drawing, performed billions of times per year worldwide, is key to clinical diagnosis. Given a growing population and shortages of healthcare personnel, there is a clear need for a future-proof system to keep up with demand for diagnostics.
Autonomous Blood Drawing Technology | Medical Robot - Vitestro

Redefining patient experience

The cornerstone of our approach is an empathic, intuitive and efficient patient experience. State-of-the-art artificial intelligence and robotics ensure accurate needle insertion, providing a secure and effective procedure.
Autonomous Blood Drawing Technology | Medical Robot | Vitestro
Autonomous Blood Drawing Technology - Redefining Patient Experience
Autonomous Blood Drawing Technology

Increasing access to diagnostics

The introduction of Vitestro’s autonomous blood drawing devices increases access to laboratory diagnostics for patients. Continuous operation boosts the availability of blood drawing services, empowering patients to go for a blood draw on their own schedule.
Autonomous Blood Drawing Technology | Medical Robot | Vitestro
  • 'By introducing automated blood drawing, high quality, as well as capacity, is guaranteed in our laboratories.’
    - Anja Leyte, Director OVLG Laboratories
  • 'Vitestro's technology helps improving sample standardization and solving staffing shortages at our blood drawing department. Patients are also very positive.'
    - Anja Leyte, Director OVLG Laboratories
  • 'Automated blood drawing will play a key role in the future of laboratory medicine. 
    I can't wait to see the first devices working in our labs.'
    - Warry van Gelder, Medical Director, Result Laboratorium, NL
  • 'It is great to see, during clinical testing, how the device can make a difference for patients.'
    - Luuk Giesen, Medical Officer Vitestro

Breaking through barriers

Developing this ground-breaking technology and bringing it to patients is challenging. We are proud of the multidisciplinary Vitestro team, led by seasoned enterpreneurs and stellar engineers from prominent MedTech companies.
Autonomous Blood Drawing Technology | Medical Robot | Vitestro

Collaborating with leading hospitals

Vitestro is thrilled to receive extensive support from leading hospitals and clinical laboratories across Europe. Together we will realize a future where our autonomous device has become the standard, transforming patient care for millions of people.
Autonomous Blood Drawing Technology | Medical Robot | Vitestro


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