Amsterdam-based OLVG Lab adopts Vitestro’s autonomous blood drawing devices

Utrecht, The Netherlands, 12 April 2023 - Amsterdam-based OLVG Lab, a leading Dutch clinical laboratory, will be the first European healthcare provider to introduce multiple autonomous blood drawing devices manufactured by Utrecht-based developer Vitestro. Both parties have signed an agreement for the acquisition of the devices, which will be installed once CE marking has been obtained. The innovation will contribute to safe, consistent blood drawing, as well as helping to solve the growing healthcare workforce shortage.

This represents a significant next step in the cooperation between the two parties. OLVG Lab, along with several other Dutch laboratories, has been involved in the development of the autonomous blood drawing devices since 2018. Vitestro’s innovative technology has been successfully tested with both patients and blood drawing staff at OLVG hospital. OLVG Lab continues to play a significant role in the introduction of this groundbreaking innovation.

Staff and patients enthusiastic
“Robotization has become an important topic in diagnostics. Vitestro’s technology will improve the standardization and optimization of the sampling procedure. And it helps solve staff shortages in our blood drawing department”, says Anja Leyte, director of OLVG Lab. “But more importantly, the patients are also very positive. Our staff are really enthusiastic as well and can’t wait to start using this breakthrough technology in our healthcare.”

Ondertekening contract OLVG Lab-Vitestro autonome bloedafname
Signing of the agreement, from left to right: Wessel van Dijk (Head of business development Vitestro), Brian Joseph (Commercial director Vitestro), Toon Overbeeke (CEO Vitestro), Olderik Dijkstra (General counsel OLVG Lab), Anja Leyte (Director OLVG Lab), Cees Buren (Member Board of directors OLVG hospital), Martine Deckers (Specialist in laboratory medicine OLVG Lab), Jaco Schutte (Financial manager OLVG Lab)
In the coming period, a number of hospitals, laboratories and blood drawing departments will be preparing for the introduction of the blood drawing device. This is expected to take place in late 2024. As part of this, the first OLVG Lab staff have already participated in the Vitestro Academy. There they learn to use the new technology safely and how the work process is shaped by this development.

The technology is intuitive. Patients can choose to have the device draw their blood for them and go through the blood draw completely independently under the supervision of a trained blood drawing staff member. This new way of taking blood will complement the usual form of blood sampling. The use of the devices should make up for the shortage of staff, allowing the busy blood collection clinic to be organized more efficiently.

“After more than 5 years of co-creation and development with OLVG Lab, this is a special moment”, says Toon Overbeeke, co-founder and CEO of Vitestro. “It is a privilege to be the first to place our innovation at OLVG Lab. Together, we will make sure this innovation will become a great success for both employees and patients.”


About OLVG Lab
OLVG Lab is one of the leading integrated laboratories in the Netherlands, providing services to hospitals (OLVG, BovenIJ, Flevoziekenhuis and Tergooi), clinics and primary care providers in the Greater Amsterdam area and Flevoland. Besides blood drawing, OLVG Lab provides clinical chemistry, medical microbiology and pathology services. Together with our partners, OLVG Lab offers a widespread, efficient network of blood collection centers in the region, including clinics at OLVG in Amsterdam East and West, ensuring that patients always have access to blood drawing facilities near their home.

About Vitestro
In 2017 Vitestro’s founders rose to the challenge of creating a better blood drawing experience. Today Vitestro is well on the way to achieving its goal, with a committed team of around 50 highly skilled professionals experienced in medical robotics, imaging software, AI, QA/RA and business development. Vitestro is based in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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