Vitestro secures order from Result Laboratorium for two blood drawing devices – Underscoring growing demand

• Result Laboratorium and Vitestro sign agreement for two autonomous blood drawing devices
• This commitment to integrating Vitestro's cutting-edge technology underscores the growing demand for safe, autonomous, and accessible blood drawing solutions.
• The deployment is planned for 2025 after Vitestro completes CE-marking, expected in late 2024
• Result Laboratorium will remain active as a clinical study site in the clinical trial

Utrecht, 3 april 2024  – Vitestro, a leading innovator in blood drawing technology, is pleased to announce a significant order from Result Laboratorium, a renowned laboratory based in Zevenbergen, Netherlands. The order from Result Laboratorium underscores the growing demand for Vitestro's innovative solutions in the healthcare industry.

Result Laboratorium, a trusted partner known for its dedication to quality and innovation, has been instrumental in the development and refinement of Vitestro's blood drawing technology. Through collaborative efforts and extensive clinical studies, Result Laboratorium has played a crucial role in defining the critical requirements that drive Vitestro's product development, leading to Result Laboratorium recognizing the potential positive impact of the device on its blood draw process.

Since 2017, Vitestro has dedicated its efforts to developing an innovative blood-drawing device designed to ensure safe and accurate patient blood draws. The device combines AI-driven ultrasound and submillimeter precision needle insertion, achieving a safe and more consistent blood collection.

Hans Linn, Managing Director at Result Laboratorium, emphasizes the significance of this partnership. "We are proud to partner with Vitestro and, in part through our input into this revolutionary technology, to take this next step for our blood draw department", said Linn. "Our collaboration has been characterized by a commitment to true partnership and mutual trust, at all levels of both organizations."

CEO of Vitestro, Toon Overbeeke, expresses his excitement about the partnership, stating, "This significant order from Result Laboratorium reflects the trust and confidence that our partners have in our technology and organization. Early commitments from Dutch healthcare organizations, like Result Laboratorium, are fundamental to the success of this innovation in the healthcare, and we are eager to continue working closely with them to enhance patient care."

The order from Result Laboratorium represents a significant milestone for Vitestro and underscores the company's dedication to driving innovation and advancing patient care. With strong partnerships, collaborative efforts, and a commitment to excellence, Vitestro is poised to lead the way in transforming blood drawing procedures and improving healthcare outcomes.

Brian Joseph, Commercial director at Vitestro, notes the importance of strong relationships and collaborative efforts in driving success. "The partnership between Vitestro and Result Laboratorium exemplifies the power of preparation", said Joseph. "Together, we have worked diligently using our Vitestro Academy educational program to ensure that our technology, and collaboration meet the needs of healthcare professionals and deliver value to patients."

From left to right: Brian Joseph (Co-founder and Commercial director Vitestro, Hans Linn (Managing Director Result Laboratorium), and Toon Overbeeke (CEO and Co-founder Vitestro)


About Result Laboratorium

Result Laboratorium is a clinical laboratory serving the South West region of the Netherlands, and delivers 24/7 diagnostic care in the healthcare landscape. From its central location in Zevenbergen, combined with its rapid labs in various hospital locations, Result Laboratorium services (amongst others), the Albert Schweitzer hospital in Dordrecht, the Beatrix hospital in Gorinchem, and the Amphia hospital in Breda.

Although a ‘new’ company, Result Laboratorium can rely on a long track record in healthcare. The organization was formed in 2014 by privatizing both the lab and thrombosis services from the Albert Schweitzer hospital and the Beatrix hospital, part of the Rivas Zorggroep. Since 2020 the Amphia Hospital clinical chemistry/hematology lab in Breda was integrated into the Result Laboratorium. For more information, visit https://resultlaboratorium.nl.

About Vitestro

Vitestro, an expert in medical robotics, has been developing a device for autonomous blood sampling from patients since 2017. The starting point for the innovation is to create a safe and consistent patient experience in addition to having a positive impact on solving the growing shortage of healthcare personnel. The blood collection device combines AI-driven ultrasound with venipuncture. The procedure is fully automated, from applying the tourniquet to placing a bandage.

With a driven team of over 60 specialists, Vitestro is working on the toughest challenges to achieve the most advanced solutions in our era. Vitestro expects its autonomous blood collection technology to be available in the European market by the end of 2024. For more information, visit https://vitestro.com.

For more information, contact:

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Result Laboratorium, Zevenbergen
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T: +31 (6) 17 98 62 95
E: communicatie@resultlaboratorium.nl