Danish hospital pre-orders 3 blood drawing devices, in first international deployment for Vitestro.

• Odense University Hospital (OUH) plans to deploy three blood drawing devices that aim to increase efficiency, standardization, and patient experience.
• The Odense University Hospital is the first healthcare institution in Denmark to pre-order the innovative blood draw device.
• OUH is expecting delivery in 2025, after Vitestro receives CE approval.
• The pre-order from OUH marks Vitestro’s first international deployment, demonstrating global recognition and trust in the transformative solution.

Utrecht, The Netherlands, May-21, 2024  – The Odense University Hospital (OUH) in Odense, one of the largest healthcare institutions in the South Denmark Region with nearly 900 beds, has signed a pre-order with medical devices company Vitestro for three innovate autonomous blood draw devices. Following this agreement, the implementation of these state-of-the-art devices is anticipated after the CE marking of the device, which is expected to be obtained in late 2024.

Since 2017, Vitestro, based out of Utrecht, Netherlands has dedicated its efforts to the development of an innovative blood-drawing device designed to ensure safe and accurate patient blood draws. The device combines AI-driven, ultrasound-guided imaging, and submillimeter precision needle insertion, achieving safe and consistent blood collection.

“By offering our patients this new way of having blood samples taken, we are entering a future where our patients get an easy and convenient offer, while at the same time ensuring top safety” says Medical Director Bjarne Dahler-Eriksen from Odense University Hospital.

Odense University Hospital stands as a beacon of excellence in healthcare, well-known for its commitment to providing top-tier medical services and ground-breaking research. In recent years, the broader Odense city and region has emerged as a center for robotics and automation, and received the label ‘The world’s best robot city’.

"As we secure the first international pre-order for our state-of-the-art blood draw device, we mark a significant milestone in a journey toward revolutionizing patient care on a global scale – Wessel van Dijk, Head of Business Development at Vitestro states.

In the near future, patients will have the option to undergo blood draws using the autonomous device, under the supervision of a trained healthcare professional. Vitestro's pioneering blood draw device will complement the conventional approach to manual blood draws.

Mads Nybo, Chief Physician, at Odense University Hospital shares:
“This is a step towards our vision of total laboratory automation that can help promote good patient care through technology.”

Illustration of multiple Vitestro blood draw devices with supervisor and patients

Deployment and Vitestro Academy
As the expected CE approval is drawing closer, Vitestro is actively conducting pre-deployment planning with Odense University Hospital. The Vitestro onboarding team will work closely with these partners to ensure smooth delivery, workflow integration, and optimized utilization of the devices in these critical care processes. Customers will engage with the Vitestro Academy program for firsthand device experience before delivery.

Maxine Moor, VP Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success for Europe at Vitestro said:
"As we approach the milestone of CE approval, we are deeply engaged with OUH to facilitating the transition from manual to autonomous blood drawing. Through collaborative deployment discussions and the Vitestro Academy program, we are equipping our partners, like Odense University Hospital with the knowledge and tools needed to seamlessly integrate our innovative devices into their critical care workflows."

On the 22nd of May, Vitestro will be present at the Hospital Automation Summit in Odense, Denmark.

For more information about Vitestro and its innovative blood drawing device, visit https://vitestro.com.


About Vitestro

Vitestro, an expert in medical robotics, has been developing a device for autonomous blood sampling from patients since 2017. The starting point for the innovation is to create a safe and consistent patient experience in addition to having a positive impact on solving the growing shortage of healthcare personnel. The blood collection device combines AI-driven ultrasound with venipuncture. The procedure is fully automated, from applying the tourniquet to placing a bandage.

With a driven team of over 60 specialists, Vitestro is working on the toughest challenges to achieve the most advanced solutions in our era. Vitestro expects its autonomous blood collection technology to be available in the European market by the end of 2024. 

For more information, visit https://vitestro.com.

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