Chief Technology Officer (CTO) / Head of Engineering

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Chief Technology Officer (CTO) / Head of Engineering

Job Description

Vitestro is a fast-growing medical robotics company. We are the first in the world to develop a fully autonomous blood-drawing device. The venipuncture device uses infrared and ultrasound to localize the vein in the arm of the patient.
A robotic positioning system controls the interaction between the ultrasound probe and the arm of the patient, while an ultrasound probe creates a 3D image of the vein using artificial intelligence (a.i.). The optimal insertion location is determined by the software algorithms to position the needle in the middle of the vein of the patient and draw blood.

Vitestro develops and tests its technology in clinical trials performed at several hospitals. With our multidisciplinary team of >35 people we strive to innovate and improve clinical diagnostics, increasing resilience of our healthcare system.

As Chief Technology Officer (CTO) / Head of Engineering you will get one of the most important roles within our technology company. You are responsible for all engineering and R&D activities ranging from software, mechanical and electrical engineering. You will interact daily with the software & hardware architects, product manager and project manager(s). The team consists of ~15 software engineers, ~10 hardware engineers and a couple of other roles totaling >25 people.


There are 4 pillars of your responsibilities:

1. Technical management

You have a good overview and technology vision of what is required on the technical product roadmap. You are able to judge what enablers are important and what the best order is of feature/enabler development. You are involved in the high-level technology decisions together with the systems and software architects and you can force decisions if required.

2. Project management

Vitestro is a pre-revenue scale-up, where time to market is key. You will keep an overview of the short- and long term planning of the product and ensure that the engineering teams will make their deadlines. You will track the progress with setting the right KPIs. You are on top of the output of the team by asking the right questions and supporting the project managers in their day-to-day job. If timelines are not met, you will act by changing scope, resources or quality.

3. Quality Assurance / Regulatory Affairs – obtaining regulatory approval

Our medical device has to pass the MDR and FDA. Together with our Quality and Regulatory team you will be responsible for meeting all the MDR requirements (first focus) and preparing the Technical File. You will make sure that the engineering team is working according all SOPs and work instructions, which are part of our QMS (Quality Management System - ISO13485).

4. HR responsibilities

The Head of Engineering / CTO has 7 direct reports, consisting of 4 technical architects, 2 project managers and 1 product manager and an additional ~20 indirect reports.

Personal fit

Our ideal candidate:

  • is an executive leader in technology development for multidisciplinary teams (software, mechanical and electrical)
  • Has the sense of urgency required for bringing our breakthrough product to the market successfully
  • Has already successfully brought several medical devices to the market
  • Is intrinsically motivated, willing to work hard and are going the extra mile for your team
  • Works at least 3 days per week from our office in Utrecht
  • Is fun to work with!

Job requirements

What is your must-have skillset?

  • >10 years demonstrated experience in leading technology teams
  • Experience with bringing high tech product successfully to the market
  • A systems engineering background with a large software component
  • Master’s degree (WO) in computer science, software engineering, systems engineering or equivalent

What do we offer?

  • Competitive salary including pension plan
  • Stock options, to become ‘co-owner’ of a fast-growing company
  • An awesome working environment, with highly ambitious and talented people
  • Down-to-earth culture with many out-of-work activities

What do you need to know before applying?

As CTO / Head of Engineering, you will join the management team of Vitestro. You will have a key role in one of the most promising scale-ups in the Netherlands. We need a go-getter who enjoys reaching its goals. This leadership position is demanding and requires your full focus.

Recruitment agencies: we are not looking to collaborate.


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