C++ Computer Vision Engineer (Junior/Medior)

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C++ Computer Vision Engineer (Junior/Medior)

Job Description

Vitestro is a fast-growing medical robotic company. We are the first in the world to develop a fully autonomous blood-drawing device using a combination of state-of-the-art A.I. and robotics. With our multidisciplinary team of >30 people we strive to innovate and improve clinical diagnostics, increasing resilience of our healthcare systems.

To strengthen our software development team, we are looking for an experienced C++ developer/computer vision engineer, who is as passionate about developing medical robotic systems as we are.


You will be responsible for developing, evaluating and maintaining our real-time vision algorithms of our robotic device. This involves feature extraction from image sensors (using both traditional computer vision and deep learning algorithms), 3D reconstruction, geometric processing, and pattern recognition. Part of this work will also include developing/maintaining the tooling/infrastructure for visualization, annotation, verification, and validation of the algorithms. In addition, you will work on general software engineering tasks, needed to bring a medical robotic device to the market.

In your work, you always keep in mind you are developing a medical device. Patient safety and regulatory requirements are therefore paramount. A considerable part of your work will be spent on (code) reviews, testing, continuous integration, documentation and supporting clinical trials.

Job requirements


  • Master or PhD in Computer Science, Physics, Mechanical- or Electrical Engineering 
  • 5+ years’ experience in computer vision, machine learning and/or (medical) robotics 
  • Experience in advanced geometric computer vision, computer vision and machine learning 
  • Experience with point clouds, meshes, 3D reconstruction, geometric processing and computer graphics  
  • Strong mathematical background and understanding of numerical optimization, linear algebra, probabilistic estimation 
  • Comfortable with modern C++ and CUDA/GPU programming  
  • Sufficient knowledge of Python for algorithm evaluation and reporting


  • Experience with ML frameworks such as Tensorflow and training Deep Learning networks 
  • Experience with libraries as OpenCV, Eigen, libigl, Open3D, Point cloud library (PCL), Computational Geometry Algorithms Library (CGAL), etc. 
  • Experience in medical imaging, preferable interventional ultrasound 
  • Experience with software development in an Agile environment 


Note: we are NOT looking to work with interim recruiters or recruitment agencies. 


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